The purpose of the Jan Irving Clumbers blog

For years I have seen a great value in sharing what I know and observe about Clumbers with others, and for 25 years I published (and for most of that time was editor of, Ed Presnall did me a huge favour and edited for sometime) the magazine Clumbers, but I retired that in September 2012 with a view to actually finding time to write a series of shorter books that may help Clumber owners.

Clumbers magazine

Well (as of writing this) I have actually started to write the books, but somethings need to be aired and available before the books reach anyone’s bookshelves.

So I have come to the world of blogging, not new technology for the internet world, but an area dog folk aren’t that involved in.

Essentially, I am going to blog rather than use Facebook or Twitter because there is more room, and the information can stay ‘up’ and accessible through Google searches etc. And I have also chosen the free services of because if I do fall off my perch the content should be safe for sometime – although I do recall their servers can be a real bugbear for a blogger as they work slowly on saves which drove me off them a year or so ago.

So click on the follow button link for email notification of when I post news, etc; and comments will probably be open too; watch for polls, use the share links to your heart’s content, and let’s get the right information out there to benefit our fabulous Clumbers!

Got an idea or question I should tackle, catch me here.

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