update: Let’s help the Clumber breed survive … let’s do it!

27 April 2017 update: well lack of action and support, the original volunteers soon got committed to other things in their lives, and I never had time, has seen this go into abeyance.
May be breeders and owners aren’t ready for this type of analysis and discovery of the state of health in the breed. Anyway the structure is there, it may inspire another generation.


So, information is being collated elsewhere which only proves WE need to take the opportunity nice and early to establish benchmarks for genetic diversity within the Clumber breed BEFORE we inadvertently lose MORE genetic diversity.


Now you have read this link and accepted the Clumber is in a genetic heap on the ground, potentially, I refer to to our immediate option, and point out I am not going to be available to implement this but an happy to stay as a supporter. I raised this topic in November 2015, and we’ve achieved SO little that obviously I am not the one to encourage breeders across the world to co-ordinate themselves, we need someone, or some group, to get this running … time waits for no one!


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