Another cautionary tale about what we allow our dogs to eat

Diet and treats are a perpetual discussion point for dog owners, well should be.

Don’t just assume because it has worked in the past

  • that the ingredients haven’t changed
  • the ingredients are as pure as they used to be
  • that as it is manufactured that the manufacturers have it right
  • that their suppliers have supplied the right material or at the right purity and not been contaminated
  • that the product has been correctly stored and so maintained its integrity
  • that the manufacturer is overly concerned with anything other than making a good profit, and the individuality of your dog really concerns them

No product is PERFECT for all dogs (no dogs are perfect either), manufacturers must find a ‘best fit’ for the vast majority to stay i business (and there are a LOT of dog food manufacturers!). Products are often billed with ‘new and improved’ formulas, why, because they need improving or ingredient sources or supplies alter.

If your dog is ‘off’, or worse, really assess the diet (what you feed AND what your dog self feeds on), try a change of diet, and if in any doubt seek veterinary attention for the symptoms that are concerning you.

Linda Case’s new post is a particularly interesting read:

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