development step 1

Here is a bit more detail on the breeder software I am developing with Filemaker Pro 14

  1. pedigree (basic level of database skills)
  2. Wright’s Co-efficient of Inbreeding (mmmm … have a few options in mind still and a couple of contacts I can follow through)
  3. breeding records (basic level of database skills but a little complex)
  4. weight records (basic level of database skills)
  5. contacts (basic level of database skills, in fact Filemaker ships with a good solution anyway)
  6. contracts (basic level of database skills thanks to Filemaker features)
  7. relevant breeding record documents (basic level of database skills thanks to Filemaker features)
  8. comprehensive individual information that will be used in ‘trial breedings’ not merely looking at Wright’s Co-efficient of Inbreeding (perhaps a little more advanced as more data is being compiled/compared)
  9. ability to import and export pedigree data as CSV files (durhh, that is so basic it is part of Filemaker’s structure!)
  10. contemplate how someone can bulk import associated but non-pedigree data, eg weights (which won’t be difficult)
  11. a calendar/to do list

    1. wants
      1.  auto adds next vacs etc when adding done procedure and next due date or number of years to next event
      2.  can add notes etc on home screen also
      3.  sync with Google calendar so reminders via that
  12. PERHAPS individual web bios too and perhaps WordPress friendly (highly plausible)
    1. options /workarounds
      1. available solution for uploading from FM to WP US$249 as at 22 Jul 2015
      2. or export from FM to a CSV or XML file and store in something like Dropbox and use a cron based import WP Wordpess plug in like WP All Import US$99 lifetime fee 22 Jul 2015
      3. or just resort to cut & pasting into the HTML page, page by page

I have more features in mind too, but am ‘keeping my powder dry’ in case a developer wants to take this on with me as the mind’s trust

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