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Developments in Hip Dysplasia assessment

We’ve all been waiting a long time for some positive scientific news on research etc for hip dysplasia. I have even witnessed some scientists review the material from much earlier with regard to environmental influences based on reviewing wolf mothering practices (1).

HD is a persistent and complicated problem. So I am intrigued to see this report published, and hopefully, the results will translate to other breeds, and we can draw blood test samples from dogs under 12 months of age and predict the likely hip score range, which will make ensuring better quality hips can stay within the breeding population as so few can now afford to keep big numbers of dogs and choose which to breed after x-raying post 12 months of age.


(1) see Facebook – ICB Breeding for the Future – post starting “Okay, we have lots of puppy nursing videos!
Let me tell you what I’m thinking about, and maybe we can do some citizen science.” on May 30 2015


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