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Update on books

No, I haven’t actually stopped work on the books

In fact, I am now seriously pushing through the book on training … yippee; and who would have thought I could get together some 130 pages of 8×10 inches on training: I didn’t!

This is not a ‘how to’ or ‘step by step guide’, more a review of what works for me and my Clumbers … and no, I do not claim to know about training for anything other than very basic obedience, livability, and showing … so why write about training? Because I have made sure I have continued to learn about training, by practice, experience, observation and reading new material. And this title will be the core reference to the showing book.

My training book is more about putting skills in your hands then techniques, I don’t cover how to teach a dog to sit but I do discuss ideas like lure training. I think the core of this book is actually about how to communicate with your dog and why communication is essential to training.

I have my regular publishing commitment looming (Canine Collectables Courier) so we are facing another delay, but now the training book is past the first stage of layout, it needs reviewing, and illustrations to be done or collected, a title finalized, and then it will be ready to publish. I will include some excerpts from the training book on this website, probably more towards the publication date (so there is a book title attached to the articles!)

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