Time for a Book Writing Update

Well, I have been quietly working away at the type/function book, even to the stage of formalizing permission to use some copyrighted content, but the book is still a very long way off.

That said, I do sometimes come across really interesting material online, and for the Christmas season, let me share this really excellent article on back length … it is about Lhasa Apsos, but it is very good: http://www.lhasaapso.org/articles/backs.html

And another resource I strongly suggest you read is Gilbert and Brown’s K-9 Structure & Terminology, it is a combination of most of the early works by Curtis and Thelma Brown and a little sketchy, but I found the advice on showing endurance breeds (which the Clumber is) really interesting, and I have to ask why more handlers don’t show on a loose lead. They also discuss basic structure and angles, most often with reference to endurance breeds, so of great interest.

If you need a Christmas present, get yourself Bryant Freeman’s The Du Ponts’ Squirrel Run – fabulous review of this famous American kennel, and for the student of Clumber type you will enjoy Doug Johnson’s critiques of some of the Squirrel Run dogs. I have been too busy to read my copy, yet, but have flipped through and enjoyed some segments – this is to be my Christmas treat! Available from the American club http://www.clumbers.org/index.php/store/books/the-duponts-squirrel-run

And, don’t forget my Christmas Clumber book! Santa’s Clumber-tastic Christmas

My training book has a collected wealth of material so it may make it ‘to press’ before the type/function book, but let me mull over a few things before committing.

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