new title: Santa’s Clumber-tastic Christmas; and other titles update

Well here’s the Christmas story book, available now from the above link, and within seven days you should be able to find it on Amazon where you can also preview some of the content.

It was actually quite a task getting the illustrations done, but overall GREAT fun and a bit of a holiday from the more indepth titles on type, training etc. So how are the other titles progressing?

  • The type/form/function one I have eased up on mainly because I am thinking about format, I want a lot of info in that title but also in bite size snippets, so pondering that idea.
  • The training one which stalled earlier this year is rocking along nicely now, it will be a collection of thoughts, not a ‘how to’ manual nor a series of lessons. And probably with some book reviews of excellent training books included. This is a subject I really warm to, so the book could appear in a few months or a year or so, I will try for a few months though, but have not finished the main content yet.

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