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The Five Cs is released

I have managed to find time to finalize the release of this exceptional book by my mother Dr Barbara Irving, it took me awhile but only because I have been writing, fencing, rebuilding sheds, training dogs, on turnouts with the local volunteer fire brigade, etc!

The Five Cs gives you an incredible insight into anatomy and conformation and how these combine to form the great variety of dog breeds we all know, love, and easily recognize.

With some investigation into conformational faults this seemingly basic book is rich with information and eye opening encounters with breed type, form and function.


A long series of comprehensive articles now reviewed and revised in book format.
Barbara Irving has successfully bred dogs for over 50 years. This experience and her knowledge as a Veterinary Surgeon are combined here to give an informative view of the dog. Dr Irving is the author of THE PUPPY BOOK, DOG BREEDING ITS REALITY & PRACTICALITY,

These articles first appeared in TOP DOG JOURNAL commencing August 1992, they were also featured in Clumbers magazine

All references to any breed standard refers to the breed standard in use in Australia at the time of writing (circa 1992)


more details here:


This book will be a resource for my pending titles.

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