We need to step back and just think sometimes

This video has done the rounds of Facebook,


As stated on http://faithtap.com/310/boy-and-dog-best-friends/#t/310/, “Watch this precious young three year old boy with Down’s Syndrome overcome his shyness to make friends with a gentle Lab that seems to somehow know that great care must be taken with this precious child.”, and as you have probably seen now, it shows how a retriever* interacts and wins the confidence of a shy boy.

Now consider how human individuals approach a shy boy or a shy animal … so my thought for the day is, stop and think how we interact before we just do, and then we can avoid some issues which we obviously create by rushing a situation, not providing support and space for the shy one to observe, learn, and interact with the less shy one.


*Frankly I thought it an undercoated Golden when I was watching, not having read the caption at FaithTap, and the mannerisms are so so ‘Golden’ to me, and the head said Golden rather than Lab


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