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New Edition of Bryant Freeman’s The Evolving Clumber Spaniel Standard 1859-2013

EvolvingCLSStd-Freeman-coversWow, what a delight to see Bryant and the Clumber Spaniel Club of America have kept this exceptional and useful title in print!

The first edition is easily distinguished with its royal blue cover, the second sports a deep but vibrant yellow which means even I can quickly locate it if and when it is actually shelved. As Dr Freeman says in the second edition introduction, “This Second Edition differs from the First only by a somewhat more judicious selection of famous pre-1913 Clumbers with critiques from judges of the period, plus an illustrated commentary by the famous Rae Furness (Raycroft). ” so there isn’t a radical difference, but the alterations within the front sections are important and actually change the character of the title that little bit to make the second edition worthy of accompanying a first edition if you actually own it. He continues, “The critiques are fun in that we can compare our own views with those of the judges”; actually they are more than fun, they are very instructive, and what someone today may pass over in assessing a Clumber is often mentioned in early critiques. Also, my second most favourite way of learning about the breed and developing my own ‘eye’ is to critique from photos and to have someone’s comments handy makes that lesson even more successful.

The book is available through the USA’s club store

Both the editions will be heavily referred to in my own review on form and function, see The Clumber Spaniel: Visually Assessing Conformation and Understanding Type.

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What a picture!

Always on the lookout for positive press and stories on Clumbers,
I found this little beauty

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