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Yes, I have actually started to compile this extensive list of titles – invested in some new software to aid the process (and then lose a bit time learning how to drive it!).

Possibly, more importantly, I have also cleaned up some of my ‘to file’ piles, and discovered material that I should have remembered I had, but hadn’t recalled, so one or two books are now actually going to be a bit bigger than my draft table of contents indicate. for example, I found a lovely pile of photos of a pregnant and then whelping bitch! So that material will go into maybe the book about Choosing to breed and Selecting the Best Mates for a Good Litter

I did lose some weeks transferring the collectables magazine to it’s own site, but it was an interesting exercise and something I may consider doing with the archives from Clumbers magazine later

Also found time to get to the last stages of pre-press on mum’s book The Five Cs – so it won’t be very long before we can have that released, it will be an important companion to several of my own new titles.

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