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Index to Illustrations from “The White Spaniel” 2008

The White Spaniel - the history of the breed

The White Spaniel – the history of the breed

Sincere thanks to Dr Bryant Freeman for preparing an index to the illustrations/photos in my book The White Spaniel: here is the index!

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A 2013 Clumber Christmas

One more post as I set up this blog, time to think and do Christmas, and what better way than with Clumbers. Look at this lovely gift wrap and two new Christmas cards featuring Clumbers for 2013! Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapter Eleven Grooming and Health

this is from CLUMBER SPANIELS by Jan E Irving 1998, published by Hoflin, USA
full copyright is retained on this chapter – it may not be reproduced or distributed without the author’s authority
the actual book contains a series of illustrations to complement the text

Clumber Spaniels by Jan Irving (published by Hoflin)

Clumber Spaniels by Jan Irving (published by Hoflin)

While cleanilness, grooming, etc will keep in good condition the hair of a sound dog happily situated, except in the presence of good general health the hair can never be at its best, no matter how cleverly and faithfully treated. Ashmont KENNEL SECRETS 1893

Ideally you should groom your dog each day. If this is done, the routine will involve a quick brush to remove loose hair and free the feathering. Even running your hands through and over the coat each day will often prove adequate as the fine loose dirt will cling to your skin, and the coat is laid straight after a slight airing. If you are unable to maintain the daily level of grooming then the task of regular grooming can be reduced by carefully trimming and perhaps even stripping certain areas of coat. Even for showing there is some trimming or slight stripping required. If this approach is done with thought and consideration it helps to reduce the amount of time you need to spend grooming your dog from day to day. Dogs not being exhibited or actually working in the field are best trimmed out more thoroughly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Coat is often overlooked, well, good coat is overlooked, and sometimes actually penalized in the showring. In the field, good coat is becoming overlooked, at least in the UK, where they have discovered the clipper and the lawnmower clip – the all over clip off. If the coat on the Clumber was good, and as it should be (so good!), then there would be no need to employ someone to shave off the dog. But, what an easy solution so many seem to find it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Words and treats

Words and treats are the tools we choose to use to communicate with our canine friend.

Mostly, we fall into using words for establishing a behaviour we want and use the treat as an immediate reward for the dog if and when he accomplishes the behaviour we have designated. However, tip of the paragraph, words can be rewarding to a dog (or a person), it is the tone and the way they are delivered that really makes them useful. The delivery and tone conveys your pleasure, the dog has already learned that when you are happy his life is easier and more pleasant, I am not saying or endorsing roaring at or physically hitting your dog, but if you are happy and say so with your body or vocal language then the dog’s environment is snug and warm too, his desire to survive is met and he is in comfort, even in the damp and mud, because you are happy he knows you can go on caring for him even in less than lovely conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

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What are the planned books?

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BOOK – WORKING TITLE Conformation Faults Illustrated check the conformation category

  • conformational faults illustrated 
  • what is soundness
  • intro to type/proportions/function (houses vs warehouses)

BOOK WORKING TITLE The Clumber Spaniel: Visually Assessing Conformation and Understanding Type – check the type category on this blog

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